Wellsite Facility Emissions Evaluation

Tegre completed site evaluation and mitigation solutions for multiple facilities. A multi-disciplinary team reviewed operational data, observed the site, gathered input from operations, and performed process simulations in order to propose three levels of possible intervention with Level 1 being the lowest cost, Level 3 being the highest. This multi-disciplinary team worked with the client…

Pipeline & Gathering System Survey

Tegre was tasked to complete an impact study for an existing gathering system and pipeline corridor.  Scope included surveying power lines running parallel and crossing the corridor, road crossings, major drainages, structures inside the corridor and minimal distance outside, exposed lines, and major natural formations.  Deliverables includes drawings and shape files.

Field Wide Reclamation Plan

Project consisted of providing client with a reclamation plan for field wide abandonment of wells, gathering lines, pads and access roads.  Scope included as-built survey and mapping of existing facilities and above and below ground pipelines, preparation of site exhibits, field prescriptions, civil engineering/design, on-sites with local jurisdiction, final reclamation plan, and support with implementing plan.

Stormwater Plans, Inspection & Monitoring

Tegre has/is supporting clients with stormwater management plans.  Scope of services includes one site review to refine locations for chosen BMPs, narrative for stormwater management plans that meet state and federal standards, BMP implementation maps (legend and materials sheet, during-construction phase sheet, and interim reclamation sheet), BMP installation detail sheets, inspection and monitoring for completion per jurisdictional requirements.

Utility Exposure Rehabilitation

A client identified a high-risk pipeline exposure within a primary channel. Non-native species growth within the channel altered low-flow dynamics within the active floodplain, forcing unusually high flows and causing long-term and on-going risk to the pipelines.  Tegre staff designed a bank reinforcement at the site of the pipe exposure, re-establishing a stable bank, and developing a channel augmentation designed to promote near pre-existing low-flow channel dynamics for long term protection.  Tegre staff joined archaeological consultants to prepare necessary environmental products to satisfy tribal regulation and to obtain United States Army Corps of Engineers project authorization under §404 of the CWA and obtain water quality certification through the Environmental Protection Agency under §401 of that Act. Tegre staff also provided on-site Environmental Inspection services during project execution to ensure compliance with all involved agency mitigations.

Pipeline and Gathering System Project Management & Engineering

Tegre has/is assisting clients by providing project management and engineering for pipelines projects.  Scopes include providing clients leadership and initiative to execute tasks in project planning and engineering functions including project communications and interface, constructability assessment, determination of routing, Right of Way requirements, permitting, code and pressure design, cost estimating, materials specifications, facility designs and…