Wellsite Facility Emissions Evaluation

Tegre completed site evaluation and mitigation solutions for multiple facilities. A multi-disciplinary team reviewed operational data, observed the site, gathered input from operations, and performed process simulations in order to propose three levels of possible intervention with Level 1 being the lowest cost, Level 3 being the highest. This multi-disciplinary team worked with the client…

Field Wide Reclamation Plan

Project consisted of providing client with a reclamation plan for field wide abandonment of wells, gathering lines, pads and access roads.  Scope included as-built survey and mapping of existing facilities and above and below ground pipelines, preparation of site exhibits, field prescriptions, civil engineering/design, on-sites with local jurisdiction, final reclamation plan, and support with implementing plan.

Pipeline and Gathering System Project Management & Engineering

Tegre has/is assisting clients by providing project management and engineering for pipelines projects.  Scopes include providing clients leadership and initiative to execute tasks in project planning and engineering functions including project communications and interface, constructability assessment, determination of routing, Right of Way requirements, permitting, code and pressure design, cost estimating, materials specifications, facility designs and…

Facility Modifications & Expansions

Tegre has/is supporting clients with facility modifications and expansions.  Facilities include compressor stations, cryo plants, SWDs, terminals, well pads, and pump stations.  Scope of services include engineering, design, regulatory and permitting.  Modifications and expansions include slug catcher and Flare Knock-Out Vessel upgrades, stabilizer additions, tank battery additions, PLC upgrades, separator additions, meter additions, LACT additions.

Turnkey PLCs

Tegre has/is providing Turn Key PLC panel solutions for multiple clients.  Scope of services include providing I/O lists, layout drawings, wiring diagrams and plc specifications.  Complete interface to field devices and instrumentation including conduit/cable sizing and schedules, voltage drop calculations, equipment location drawings, conduit routing plans and cable tray design.  Tegre supplies, inspects, and coordinates…

Owners Engineer

Tegre currently supports clients with full-time selected engineering staff located in client office.  Project engineering tasks include:

Assisting with development, engineering, construction, operations, and maintenance teams to ensure operations and expense projects are managed within budget and on time per the execution schedule.
Provide project engineering and design support for multiple projects executed simultaneously.
Conceptual engineering, project scope, estimate, schedule, engineering design, equipment and material selection, project bidding, contractor selection, construction support, management of change, safety and environmental participation.
Identify support teams, and act as liaison between client office and Tegre office for execution of projects and operations support in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.
Preparation of engineering deliverable to support operations and maintenance activities, including drawings, analyses, plans.
Assist with engineering and project management activities such as cost estimating and procurement

ARC Flash Studies

Electrical system analysis and studies, including new and existing facilities.  Scope of services include creating one-line diagrams, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, arc flash hazard analysis, review and update of existing studies to reflect system changes, review and design of system modifications to minimize electrical hazards, documentation of study results on one-line diagrams and…

EI&C Facility Upgrades

Tegre has/is supporting multiple clients with EI&C facility upgrades.  Scope of services include PLC upgrade and replacement, I/O list development based on existing station and ESD programs, supply of junction boxes with connection diagrams and BOMs, equipment inspection, conduit and cable schedules, plan drawings, record drawings for ESD system, shutdown cause and effect diagrams, and…