Real-World Emissions Solutions

Practical, cost-effective mitigation options and implementation to reduce your emissions.

Attract investors

Avoid fines

Focus on growth

Don’t Let Inaction Cost You

When you need to address emissions, the last thing you want is overambitious proposals for long, drawn-out projects with astronomical costs. That’s why we focus on giving you an array of creative, high-impact solutions that focus on time- and cost-effectiveness.


Using our real-world experience in basins across the country, our multi-disciplinary team will help you choose and implement the right mitigation strategy that won’t slow your operations down so you can focus on growth and attracting investors, all while avoiding costly fines.

Simple, Proven Solutions

Emissions mitigation strategies don’t have to be difficult and costly. We’ll help you choose the right solution for your needs.


Understand Your Issues

You don’t need someone talking over you. We’ll listen to your concerns and work with you to design solutions that you actually want.


Avoid High Costs

Small measures can bring in huge results. We’ll give you multiple tiers of solutions that focus on low cost and high impact.


Get Real Results

We’ll implement your mitigation choices and provide you real data that prove the measures are getting the results you need.

If you’re worried about…

  • Enforcement and fines
  • Marketability of your asset
  • Not securing PE funds
  • Your environmental impact
  • Receiving a failed result without recommendations
  • Costs and time related to mitigation
  • Solutions for an older asset
  • Overall greenhouse emissions
  • Fugitive/uncontrolled emissions

We’ll help you with…

  • Data gathering
  • Overall system desktop review
  • Onsite evaluation
  • Process simulation Models
  • Multidisciplinary analysis
  • Mitigation recommendations
  • Mitigation implementation
  • Follow-up onsite evaluation
  • 40 CFR Subpart OOOOa compliance

Straightforward Advice.Practical Solutions.

At Tegre, we’re engineers that think like mechanics–down-to-earth, realistic partners who are committed to getting you the best results for the lowest cost.

Here’s how we do it:

Understand Your Issues

Working together, we’ll evaluate your asset and identify the sources of your emissions and propose solutions.

Choose a Mitigation Approach

We’ll present you with a variety of solutions, with the goal of lowest cost, highest impact, and fastest implementation.

Get it Done

We’ll implement your chosen solutions, providing you the design details needed for execution, staying engaged until you know it works.

Diverse team of professionals and subject matter experts

Experienced in oil and gas regions across the U.S.

Team leads with 20+ years experience

Proven track record of cost-effective solutions

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