I absolutely love challenges, pushing limits, and approaching life with a positive attitude. Whether it’s in my professional career, sports, hobbies, or life in general, these things drive me. They keep me engaged and are the foundation to my entrepreneurial spirit that have led me down a path filled with failures (lots of those), triumphs, and continual growth.

Along my path I have developed a deep understanding of what I cherish most in life:

  • Family and friends – when I’m on my death bed I’m certain I won’t be thinking, “Hmm… I really should have spent more time at work and less time with the ones I love.” My wife and daughters are my world and keep me grounded…in a good way.
  • Personal health – I love the challenge and reward of exercise! It gives me energy, keeps my mind fresh and body feeling great.
  • Business – I have a passion for building and developing business. I enjoy the daily challenges of owning a business, constantly learning, and leveraging strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity to build and grow a thriving company.
  • Volunteering/Community Service – I enjoy serving my community and being a part of developing the next generation of leaders and contributors. Currently I sit on the Board for the Durango Education Foundation and volunteer as a coach for softball and ski team.

I have enjoyed many different positions throughout my career that have helped me build a diverse background and opportunistic approach to each day. Previous roles have included President, Branch Manager, Director of Field Services, Program Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Project Engineer, Engineering Tech, Designer, Surveyor, Permitting, Procurement, and Compliance.

In 2014 I combined my passions, knowledge gained in previous roles, network, and client support to start Tegre Corporation with my business partner. Tegre is a leader in providing practical and cost-effective services and solutions to the Oil & Gas and RNG industries. Backed by a strong company foundation based on integrity, respect, and responsibility and a focus on strategy, planning, implementation, and execution the company has grown year over year. I’m humbled every day by the incredible individuals that surround me and make it such an amazing company. Tegre is family and I’m thrilled that two of my passions (family and friends / business) have found a way to blend.