Michelle Hanington, Tegre Environmental Specialist, and a subcontractor recently spent nearly a month out in Southeastern Utah conducting biological surveys for a client’s power generation project.  Primarily they were clearing the area of any Navajo Nation and State listed plant and animal species.  Though many amazing species were found, they did not find any that were threatened or endangered.

Utah landscapeThey conducted a full plant inventory of over 100 plant species and either saw or observed evidence of 20 mammal, reptile, and bird species, including several badger dens.  In the Area of Interest 1, the largest most challenging area, they were under the watchful eyes of the local equine herd of 4, including a yearling.

Due to the drought many of the plant species “aborted” or did not flower in order to conserve energy.  It was very hot, and the team did their best to come up with ways to keep cool including starting at the break of dawn.

The team also saw some amazing geologic features in the area, including a concretion and wind driven sand formations.

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