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Tegre Corporation is pleased to announce the semi-retirement of our longest employee, Mr. Bill Ekstrom.  Bill has worked for Tegre since our opening days but has also worked alongside our President and co-founder for many years prior to Tegre.

Bill is one of the most loyal, steadfast and hardworking employees we have ever had the pleasure to work with.  He has helped us in several capacities including survey, environmental, GIS & CAD among just being a solid part of our Tegre team for over 7 years.

Bill has taught many of us about our industry, the history of our area, basic and trued and tried survey skills as well as he has imparted on many of us, by just being such a good person, how to live our best life.

It has come time for Bill to focus on his farm, his family, as well he has found another great job opportunity here in Durango.  We wish him the very best and with our luck, we’ll continue to have Bill a part of our lives.